Auchi, Edo-Nigeria-June 12, 2021: black person using google to do a search

Autoplay Videos in the search results: Google introduces new unpopular feature

Chances are we know you wouldn’t but Google still may experiment and implement this idea anyway. This is a current topic of conversation that is going around the internet but most people don’t seem happy about it or even like the idea of it coming into force. What’s it all about? There is about to […]

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How many visitors are you losing due to slow mobile speed?

We have posted many times before on the importance of mobile searching and how this has overtaken desktop. The subsequent importance of being mobile friendly has obviously risen and become more important in relation to this. One way of assessing whether your website is mobile friendly is the speed – i.e. the time it takes […]

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Top ranking features for 2017

It’s that annual time of year where we look at the results on some of the areas and concepts that give the best ranking features to a website. These are very useful because changes may occur from year to year and sometimes even subtle changes can make the most positive impact on website rankings, so […]

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Krynica-Zdroj, Poland - July 11, 2017: Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his laptop. Google Analytics is the most famous application for advanced web traffic analysis in the world

The new Google Adwords – top 5 things to look out for

You may remember our blog post from a little while back where we teased you with how the new google AdWords interface was getting closer. Well now it looks like we finally have some concrete elements to report about. Every Spring Google seems to announce changes or big things that are happening in the industry. […]

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Users prefer AMP over normal content?

The title of the post is a statement, so why the need for the question mark you may be wondering? You will find out by reading on…. What are we talking about? Well, the results of a recent survey in the industry show that people actually do prefer AMP over normal content – or do […]

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In Front Digital are a RAR Recommended Agency!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the high praise of our clients we have now gained our spot on the Recommended Agency Register! What is the Recommended Agency Register? RAR is an online database of over 9000 marketing agencies who work across every marketing and advertising industry you could imagine, including digital! Ran […]

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