SEO Audit

Uncover Hidden Issues

A comprehensive website audit uncovers hidden issues, examining your site from a technical and a user’s perspective, revealing elements that may hinder its performance. Our findings are presented in a PDF document, outlining primary and secondary priorities for you or your developer to address.

Precise Optimisation

Our technical audit rigorously evaluates your site based on over 80 recognised Google search factors, covering aspects like core web vitals, site speed and broken links. In the audit report, you’ll discover a checklist of vital changes needed to unlock your website’s complete SEO potential. Additionally, we offer wireframes for incorporating visual elements that can boost your conversion rate.

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What Does an SEO Audit Involve?

SEO Fundamentals

In the first phase of your SEO audit, we examine your website at the domain level, addressing common URL concerns like duplicates, case sensitivity, and unfriendly URLs. Ensuring user-friendly navigation is essential for both users and search engines since complex, dynamically generated URLs can create confusion. This stage also checks the status of your robots.txt file and XML sitemap to prevent conflicts.

SEO Migration

If you plan to migrate to a new site, it’s vital to have a well-defined process and strategy in place to ensure all crucial elements are transferred to the new website without negatively impacting your search rankings. This section outlines the key factors that must be addressed before launching your new site.

SEO Content

With content long being recognised as a primary ranking factor, our team work to evaluate the content on your webpages, identifying areas that could benefit from improvement. Our analysis covers essential aspects like title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword density on your main pages as well as missing and supporting content.

SEO Authority

The fourth stage of a website audit examines the authority of your domain in terms of off-page factors. Links can significantly influence your online visibility, especially if you have poor-quality links. Quality and relevant links can help Google understand your site’s topic and establish it as a trusted authority in your sector.

SEO Usability

To address issues like a high bounce rate and improve user site metrics, the usability section of a technical audit focuses on the visual aspects of your website. We provide you with practical suggestions and clear explanations for the necessary changes.


Website security requires constant monitoring to detect security breaches. However, some security issues can be challenging to identify without the right tools and knowledge. Our audit identifies common security problems and offers instructions for resolution, ensuring that these issues are promptly addressed.

Social Presence

Social signals have become a significant search factor, emphasising the importance of a strong social media presence for real-time customer engagement. We recommend consistently sharing unique content to grow your social following and boost your online visibility.

Mobile & Desktop Performance

Core web vitals, speed, rendering, and performance across both mobile and desktop devices are factors that can work to significantly impact the user experience. Failing to cater to specific devices could result in losing a significant portion of your key demographic. Our audit highlights areas that require optimisation across both mobile and desktop devices.  

Why Choose In Front Digital?

  • Experienced SEO Experts: In Front Digital have over 30 years experience in optimising websites
  • Trusted Google Partners: Our team strictly adheres to Google’s best practices, providing optimisation recommendations that align with Google search factors
  • Transparent & Achievable Goals: We provide honest, realistic estimates for achievable results
  • Comprehensive SEO focus: We consider all SEO factors, prioritising on-page elements and content development for long-term success