BackLink audit of a site to determine a Google penalty

Google Penalty Recovery & Link Analysis

Why do I need Google penalty recovery and link analysis?

My web rankings have fallen

With the search engines frequently updating their algorithms, it is important to monitor the state of your backlinks. If you do not then poor links could eventually give rise to a penalty for your site.

There are two forms of link penalty, algorithmic and manual. We can help you with any Penguin related penalty recovery and have 100% track record of success. If you have a penalty then your rankings will fall and traffic to your site will diminish. It is imperative that you act soon!

My site wasn't built with SEO in mind

It is common for websites not to be developed with SEO in mind and worst still that old SEO practices could be used on the site instead. Both cases could lead to issues in the search engines, depending on the severity of the practices, so it is imperative that the website is brought up to current SEO standards to ensure they are maximising their potential.

We may be able to find problems with your site that could be holding it back from ranking properly at present.


Reasons to use In Front Digital for Google Penalty Recovery & SEO Analysis

  • Google Partner - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • 100% Google penalty recovery success rate

  • Free Initial Analysis of your website to see if we can help

  • We look at 'low hanging fruit' to help identify short term wins to help you get a strong return

  • In-depth KPI reporting so you know what we are doing and what impact your SEO is having

  • Our SEO experts are honest and realistic with what can be achieved. We estimate your likely return before we begin

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Link Analysis - The Process

Backlink Extraction

Using paid SEO tools and Google Search Console, we will extract your site’s external backlinks

Backlink Analysis

We will categorise, and manually analyse each and every site in order to ascertain if the site that is linking to you passes Google guidelines. We then present this list to the client to review and discuss

Backlink Outreach/Disavow

We will contact offending sites and ask them to remove your link. If they don’t then we will compile a disavow file and submit to the search engines in order to cut the poor quality links from your profile. Usually this is sufficient for most sites and we actually recommend it for ALL sites (except brand new domains).

For sites with penalties

For site’s that have Google penalties we advise the following 2 additional steps:

Site Audit: We will analyse your entire website to ensure that it meets Google’s guidelines.

Google Reconsideration Request: We will contact Google to detail the level of work carried out, the changes made and why any penalty should be removed against your site.


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