Penalty Recovery

Noticed a Big Drop in Keyword Rankings?

There are two forms of link penalty, algorithmic and manual. We can help you with any Penguin related penalty recovery and have 100% track record of success. If you have a penalty then your rankings will fall and traffic to your site will diminish. It is imperative that you act soon!

Experiencing a Decline in Organic Traffic?

It is common for websites not to be developed with SEO in mind and worst still that bad SEO practices could be used on the site instead. We can find problems with your site that could be holding it back from ranking properly at present.

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What Does Link Analysis Involve?

Backlink Analysis

Our experts at In Front Digital work to categorise and manually analyse each backlink to your business website, ensuring that they adhere to Google’s stringent guidelines.

Backlink Outreach and Disavowal

Our team will work to contact any offending sites linking to your website, removing these to improve your backlink profile and the performance of your website. If they don’t comply, we will curate a disavow file to submit to the search engines, eliminating poor-quality links from your profile. This step is recommended for most sites.

Penalty Recovery

For sites facing Google penalties, we recommend two additional steps. A site audit will work to assess your entire website, ensuring it complies with Google’s guidelines. Once any improvements have been made, we will submit a Google Reconsideration Request, getting in touch to detail the work undertaken, the changes made, and why any penalties should be removed from your site.

Why Choose In Front Digital?

  • Google Partner: We adhere to Google’s strict best practices.
  • 100% Google penalty recovery success rate.
  • Free initial website analysis to determine if we can assist.
  • We identify "low-hanging fruit" for quick wins.
  • Comprehensive KPI reporting tracks our actions and their impact.
  • Our SEO experts provide honest, realistic estimates of achievable results.