Keyword Research

Discover Keyword Markets

By identifying products and services you offer and carrying out in depth keyword analysis we can find potential keyword opportunities that you may be missing. Keyword research can discover SEO & PPC keywords which you are missing from your strategy, that your customers are searching for, making it easier to bring in more potential customers.

Increase your Market Share

Improve the relevancy of your pages by optimising them for keywords that you want to be found for. By identifying relevant keywords, you can compete with your closest competitors and produce more relevant content to obtain more potential customers.

Discover areas which your competitor’s are lacking in and create high quality content to make you a ‘go-to’ source of information.

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What Does Keyword Research Involve?

Competitor Research

Thorough keyword research involves analysing the campaigns of your direct competitors for keywords related to your products and services. This information helps us identify strengths and weaknesses in your competitors’ online presence, which you can leverage to enhance your own.

Market Research for Your Business Needs

A deep understanding of your industry is essential for comprehending the products and services that your business has to offer. In Front Digital will work alongside your business to better understand your values, industry terminology, and customer profiles, using this insight to optimise your search presence and identify online opportunities.

Consumer Research

Our agency will help you to create an ideal customer persona, using this profile to discover the most relevant and frequently searched terms for your business. Throughout the keyword research process, we keep your business goals and priority services/products at the forefront, resulting in a comprehensive list of analysed keywords to enhance your search marketing performance.

Third Party Tools

We harness the power of third-party tools, including Google Keyword Planner, to compile a robust list of keywords tailored to your ideal customers. The selection process is guided by your core services and any specific products you aim to promote.

Why Does Your Business Need Keyword Research?

Boost Your Rankings

Enhance the relevance and keyword density of your web pages by optimising them for the key terms essential to your industry. This will enable you to compete effectively with your closest rivals within the search results, providing pertinent content for potential customer queries.

Outshine the Competition

Keyword research can identify opportunities to outperform your competitors, establishing your authority within your industry. Uncover areas where your competitors fall short and develop high-quality content that establishes you as the go-to source of information.

Tap into New Keyword Markets

Conducting comprehensive analysis using third-party tools allows businesses to uncover potential keyword opportunities that may have been previously missed. This forms a strong foundation for optimising your website to be user and search engine-friendly, ensuring alignment with the search preferences of your target customers.

Discover Local SEO Terms

Whether you are a small local business with one location, or a large company with numerous international branches, increasing local visibility for each branch is essential for local rankings. Keyword research can unveil local SEO keywords that local customers are searching for, making it easier to attract more potential customers to each individual branch.

Why Choose In Front Digital?

  • Comprehensive analysis of your industry and competitors
  • Honest, friendly, and realistic analysis team
  • Ongoing SEO management packages available
  • Google Partner certified agency adhering to Google’s best practices
  • Over 25 years of commercial experience
  • A history of delivering excellent results in SEO and PPC – see our case studies for proof.