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Social Media

What is Social Media and what impact can it have on my business?

Engage with potential customers

Get in front of potential customers by sharing content they want to read and answering questions surrounding your expertise. Get involved in social media trends, start discussions with people interested in your products/services and raise awareness of your brand.

Learn about your target audience

By measuring your results in terms of engagement, followers and URL shares you can identify how to approach your audience and what interests them. By being more familiar with the people you are posting to, you can adapt your social media strategy to be more efficient and create content that can be shared across all the main social channels to increase your outreach.

Improve your customer service

Social media is a great way to improve your customer service and can help you resolve negative customer experiences by being proactive with responding to complaints and queries. By creating a persona that users can identify with your brand, communication will feel more personal unlike with automated responses.

Increase social traffic

Being active on social media enables you to reach a wider audience and by doing this you can lead social users to your site via interesting content. Social media can be an underestimated source of traffic and leads which can often lead to businesses missing out on important sales opportunities.


Reasons to choose In Front Digital as your Birmingham social media agency

  • Our Social Media experts have a high level of knowledge of all the main social media platforms.

  • Our Social Media experts are honest and realistic with what can be achieved. We estimate your likely return before we begin.

  • In-depth KPI reporting so you know what we are doing and what impact your Social Media is having.

  • Experienced in optimising social profiles for optimum user experience

  • In-depth analysis of your competitors’ social media profiles to find out how you can compete

  • Free Social Media Appraisal - Get analysis on markets, competitors and how to overtake

What social channels should I use for my business?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of utilising social networking channels as a marketing tool. The main beneficial outcomes of social media marketing are increased brand awareness, increased social traffic and more quality leads.

Aligning your Business Goals

During the setup process, In Front Digital will help you define your business goals and find out what you want to achieve from your social media campaign. Each social media platform has an optimum use and can deliver different results for your campaign.


LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with other businesses and start the conversation process, it helps you keep up to date with changes in your industry and competitors’ performance as well as helping you keep in touch with your suppliers. LinkedIn would be the social network of choice for a business who offers products and services to other businesses as well as businesses looking to recruit.


Twitter is an ideal platform for communicating with customers and giving public customer service. With over 230 million active users using the tool it is an ideal method of engaging with your target audience and solving real-time queries. With new trends and hashtags arising in a moment’s notice, being proactive with your Twitter activity could help you strike up new relationships with users and other businesses to build trust in your brand.


With 1.4 billion monthly users and 556 million people accessing the Facebook app on their smartphone or tablet, being active on Facebook can give you access to a much larger audience and potential leads. By encouraging Facebook users to follow your brand’s business page and like/share your content, you are increasing brand awareness and with the use of Facebook’s analytics tools you can identify your target audience further to see what group of people interact with your content more. Facebook is a popular platform for running competitions which can give you a boost in followers, likes and engagement.

Google Plus

As the world’s second biggest social media platform, Google Plus has 2.2 billion users (January 2015) and has become an important channel for social media success. With the features within Google Plus you can create ‘Circles’ which enables you to group together specific groups of people and target them with different content. This is a great way to show potential customer’s new customer discounts and current customer’s loyalty schemes. You can also reach a larger and more specific audience by joining relevant Communities of people interested in what you are offering.

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