example of landing page design and website build with SEO in mind

Landing Page Optimisation

How can landing page design help my SEO & PPC performance?

Lower PPC costs

The quality score of your PPC ads are made up of three elements: expected click through rate (CTR), ad relevance and landing page experience. By creating high quality landing pages that are relevant to your PPC ads, you can improve each element of quality score and see a positive impact in your PPC performance, such as lower keyword bids and higher average positions. PPC landing page design is an effective way to drastically improve an under performing campaign.

Increase Return across SEO & PPC

By creating relevant, conversion optimised landing pages you can create pages that are uniquely relevant to searches made by your target audience and that convert when users land on them. By splitting a topic into different landing pages, the user will find their answer quicker than having to search a large body of content covering the entire topic.

Improve user experience

Conversion and landing page design, not only improves your performance in Google but also the user experience of potential customers. Sometimes it’s not clear what you are meant to do on a page and this can confuse the user, so by adding clear call to actions on your pages and instructing them on what you want them to do it can help you utilise your current traffic as well as encourage new visitors!

Overtake your competitors

By having more user-friendly landing pages you can easily make your website more appealing to potential customers than your competitors’. By utilising landing page optimisation techniques, you are one step ahead of your rivals and increasing the likelihood of sales.


Reasons to use our Landing page design services

  • Our Landing Page Optimisation experts understand user behaviour online

  • We advise you on realistic and achievable SEO & PPC goals

  • Be found for the most relevant searches

  • Experienced in optimising websites for user experience and PPC campaigns

  • In-depth analysis of your competitors’ websites

  • We provide a mock-up of what we suggest would improve your performance

Landing Page Optimisation: The Basics

Qualities of good landing page design

Landing page design all comes down to core elements that can be implemented to improve overall user experience and engagement with your content. It can be beneficial to put yourself into the mind-set of the user so you can ask yourself the important questions: Is this page relevant to my search term? Have I found the answer I was looking for? How could my session on this page be improved?

Specific content

If you are covering a very specific topic, ensure that you do not branch off too much onto different topics as you know a user who clicks on your landing page is interested in what the page states it is about. If you wish to cover other related topics, it is best practise to link via anchor text to another landing page to keep each landing page unique.

Call to actions

Sometimes user’s need persuading to do something you want them to do! If you have released a new product range and want potential customers to take interest in an introductory sale, create call to action graphics introducing your product line with text such as ‘Sale’ and ‘Big discounts’. Utilise your unique selling points!


Imagery is extremely effective at capturing the user’s attention; if you have the resources to create rich media such as an infographic or short video than can promote what you are trying to sell that is a great way to get your point across. Something as simple as adding buttons or images can improve the look and feel of your landing pages.

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