International SEO

Why Do You Need International SEO?

Incorrect Pages Serving in Google – Are your webpages appearing in the search results to the wrong users? If your English pages are appearing to German speaking users instead of your German pages, this is a sign that you may need international SEO guidance.

Losing Ranking Positions – If you’re finding that your rankings in Google are slipping for each of your territories, it is highly likely that you are not abiding by SEO best practices. Good rankings are essential if you want to be found by prospective customers with the right site showing!

Language Barriers – If you are an international company, you cannot assume that all your site visitors are fluent in English. You could be missing out on a large percentage of visitors by not catering to their native language. International SEO can help transform your site to serve the correct version of your site and your content, to the correct audience each time.

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What Does International SEO Involve?

Multi-Lingual Domains – For global companies targeting individual countries and languages can be tricky. This is why we help you to implement best practice to get the results you desire.

Geographic Targeting – We’ll identify priority territories for geotargeting and assist in localising content for each location. This includes providing geographically accurate addresses, contacts, and currencies for each domain. We’ll also work to establish relevant off-page markers and set country targets to each search engine.

Implementation Error Mitigation – After setup, we offer guidance on resolving any implementation errors that may arise, ensuring your international SEO results continue to thrive.

Sitemaps and Landing Pages – Each territory domain should have its own sitemap and localised landing pages. We’ll assist in setting up these components to enable Google to crawl and index all essential pages on
your domains.

Why it's important to consider International SEO

Incorrect Pages Appearing in Search

Is Google serving your webpages to the wrong audience? If your English pages show up for German-speaking users when you have dedicated German pages, it’s time to consider international SEO.

Declining Rankings

If your Google rankings are slipping across multiple territories, this could indicate a departure from SEO best practices. Strong rankings are vital for attracting the right audience.

Loss of Quality Leads

High bounce rates and a lack of enquiries could be due to your site not meeting user requirements, such as language or shipping restrictions. This results in lost leads and could harm your SEO positions.

Language Barriers

International companies must recognise that not all visitors are fluent in English. Neglecting native language support can cause you to miss out on a significant portion of your audience. International SEO ensures that your site serves the right content to the right audience consistently.

Why Choose In Front Digital?

  • SEO Experts you can trust: SEO experts with nearly 2 decades of experience in achieving first-page International Google rankings.
  • Quality Advice and Results: Birmingham based, friendly and honest SEO team committed to delivering realistic results, with a proven track record of outstanding results
  • Certified Google Partners: We are a Google Partner certified agency, adhering to Google’s rigorous best practices
  • Expert Setup and Analysis: Our team is able to provide thorough analysis of global sectors and competitors, offering comprehensive setup and ongoing maintenance packages to suit your business needs

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