New Google AdWords report editor

Google are introducing new reporting options, accessible through your AdWords account. You shall soon see a new reports tab at the top of your account when you log into AdWords. The new tab will allow you to view data in new ways which will help you to optimise your campaigns more effectively.

The addition will be quite a major improvement to your AdWords account, opening new possibilities for insights into your metrics and how your ad groups and campaigns are performing. You will be able to view data in whichever form you prefer and chose the metrics that you are interested in.


The new reports menu option


You can use the report editor to drag and drop a variety of data to be displayed in the form of either pie charts, tables or various other graph types. You can filter down to mobile device, days of the week and network to name just a few. You can then either download your report or schedule emails to be sent out and the frequency at which they will send. You can also save your report views for ease of use.

The roll out of this new feature will be slow, but smaller campaigns will see the reporting option first. This is over a year from the date the new tool was first announced.


Clicks vs day of the week