New Google feature to allow users to add food images to maps

For all those people who love photographing their food or drink when they go out, Google are offering a new and useful place for you to post your images. Most people will currently post images on social media, sometimes with a “check in” to where they are at. Google are testing a new feature which will detect the location which an image is being captured in, and then offer to attach it to Google maps.

You will get a notification after you take a photo, asking if you want to upload to Google maps. Google maps will detect your location if it is a public place and notify you as long as you have location history turned on. If the location data imbedded in the photo matches the GPS data, you will get the notification.

Google has previously tested out a similar feature some time ago when it tried out Tablescape, an experimental service which encouraged users to post their images to Google +. Even though this experiment did not work out, it seems Google are still working on getting these images into their product to build databases.

This feature is currently being tested out on Google local guides section of Google Maps. This service is designed for users who offer high quality reviews and advice for Google about the places they have visited. It offers various benefits for those who take the time to create this valuable content. Users who have contributed the most can get invited to exclusive events or even receive gifts.