WordPress 4.2.3 is now available

WordPress is constantly evolving and striving to keep up with security threats and improve user experience. Whenever an update is released it is best practice to install it as soon as possible. Version 4.2.3 is recommended to all users for security reasons. WordPress have said that they strongly encourage the download to fix vulnerability issues with older versions. There is said to be a cross-site scripting vulnerability which needs addressing. Apparently the vulnerability may have allowed people who comment on a site to compromise it.


The last update, 4.2.2 offered fixes for 20 different bugs. Some of the past updates that have been released have been automatic updates.
To update your version of WordPress, go to the dashboards – updates


You will then see a button which says – download 4.2.3


There are various different types of update that are released for WordPress. The latest being a security update, but you can also get functionality updates. When doing updates and upgrades, it is often a good idea to follow a few simple rules to ensure minimum disruption to your site. Firstly choose a time of day when you get the least visitors. A good time is often at night. Secondly make sure your site is backed up to avoid any data loss.