Google plus gets a minus with log in alterations

Google has decided to scale back its social network by altering the way users log in. The biggest and most noticeable thing about this change concerns the functionality in You Tube.

Google has released a statement saying that to post comments on sites such as You Tube people will no longer need to register to Google plus in order to be able to do this. The change has sparked criticism with people arguing that the only reason this was done in the first place was so Google plus could get a ‘leg up’ and be boosted by being associated with the more successful You Tube medium.

You Tube have communicated their ‘like’ of this news because they already feel they are apart and associated with too many social media platforms. Google Plus now recognises this and is making attempts to reduce their associations with other websites in future months.

The effect of this should be received well, and it is at least logical. Very soon all you will need is a Google account to interact with You Tube and do other things, rather than having to sign up to Google plus as you do now. This then moves away from the idea that Google plus is needed to interact online (except obviously for using Google Plus itself)

You Tube have commented on the news and have said that for people who are happy then nothing will change and there is no need to do anything. However an option will be available to cut the ties from Google plus should people wish to do this.

We think you will agree, the news comes as part of Googles continuing attempts to evolve.

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