Longer title and description boxes in Googles search display

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The changing world of displaying search results

Such as is the general nature of technology and the digital world, changes are always happening and these have to be both expected and accepted. In terms of SEO, PPC, and Social media, there doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without some tweak or modification occurring. Search results and the way they […]

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Digital Marketing – Where You May Be Going Wrong

With the Internet constantly changing and evolving, even the most experienced marketers can go wrong with digital marketing and optimization if they don’t keep up with the latest changes in the industry. It can be even more difficult for webmasters who do not have a digital marketing agency on hand to fix any issues that […]

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which social media platform is best

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Social media – where to begin?

The above is certainly a valid question. There are so many social platforms out there that how can you know which one to choose? Well in this post we will try and give you some pointers to make that decision a little easier. 1) The first point is to know your business: that is its […]

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twitter gets tough on online abuse

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Twitter Makes Important Changes To The 140 Character Limit

As of May 24th Twitter is stretching its 140-character limit, taking @names, URLS and images out of the equation. Whilst for a lot of Twitter’s 310 million users this may simply mean being able to talk about a drunken night in more detail, followed by an embarrassing picture of course, we’re thinking about how this […]

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A city full of Google

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Would you like to live in Google city?

It sounds a bit far-fetched or over the top –  a city where everything is Google. Whilst this is just talk and a fantasy at the moment, there are signs that something resembling this concept could actually become true! Google are planning to build a city (or rather it seems ‘take over’ a city – […]

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Google's latest intervention in 'links for free products'

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An update: Google does take ‘enforcement’ action

A few weeks ago in one of our postings, we told you about how Google had issued warnings to people who linked to websites where they had received free products from (without nofollow links.) You can see the full posting at [http://www.weareinfront.com/acknowledging-gifts-the-google-way/] In short, Google was keen to implement this because they felt they needed […]

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