driverless cars by google

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Google ‘drive’?

Following on from our New Year posts where we have explored the type of developments and changes that might be taking place in the SEO industry during 2016 (see: http://www.weareinfront.com/seo-and-2016/ ) we are now going to expand this a little bit further and look at what Google is up to in the wider world. Indeed […]

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Toyota and Fords verses Apple and Google.

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The big giants taking on the bigger giants?

Here we are referring to 4 specific companies: Toyota & Ford V Apple and Google. It sounds like a bit of a boxing match and in due course, it leads to some very interesting developments. We can see that other companies are deciding to take on the likes of Google and Apple to prove that […]

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2016 and seo

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SEO and 2016

Happy New Year! We have just dawned the start of a new year and the sun is slowly rising into 2016. With metaphorical (and hopefully actual) longer and brighter days ahead, it is a good time to look towards some of the things which may be big in this industry during the course of the […]

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Is the search engine industry due for an update

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Does the search industry need its own remodelling?

As this is the last post of 2015, we thought it might be a good idea to examine the status and fundamentals of where the industry is at and where it could be heading. When it comes to search engines many of us would agree that Google is the one and only king but could […]

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Teamwork according to Google

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Googles attempt at business psychology?

In this post, we look at the role of teamwork based on a study Google has undertaken. Some quite interesting things are there to be discovered and who knows, you might possibly pick up some tips for your own business? This report comes following a two year study by Google into the impact of how […]

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twitter takes out its share icon

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Twitter stops sharing its sharing information

This is not actually news as this was announced a few months ago. What makes it worthy of a blog post now is because: 1) It is coming into effect, 2) This is seemingly being done in a non-transparent way. Twitter announced that they are deploying a new look to their tweet icons also stating […]

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