Why choosing a good domain name can help your search results

.com, .co.uk, .org, .biz, .net, .info – there are so many to choose from, but knowing which is best for you and your business can have positive ramifications beyond just the name.

A recent reported has highlighted the amount of potential options available and as with anything with so many choices, knowing what to choose and having reasoned justifications for them can be difficult. In this article we consider five of the things you may want to think about:

1) Do some research first.

This especially needs to be done with respect to keywords. Think about your business and keywords you would like (or need) to associate with it. What works and what doesn’t? This will probably be an exercise of trial and error – seeing what looks and fits the best, or is catchy and has the potential to be popular.

2) Seriously consider .com!

.Com is so wide and is so desirable. If you are thinking about growing or expanding your business, looking ahead can be key here. Evidence and research suggests that a .com domain is still one of the most authoritative and trustworthy domains available so it should not be ignored.

3) Think about the length.

This includes both the website name and how this relates to the domain host. Big character domains can add too many letters to the title, especially if your website or internet address is long anyway. Having something too long or too hard to remember can put people off and this may hamper you in the long run.

4) Think about your expectations and what others might think on hearing your website and domain address.

We all know that first impressions count and if you are giving someone your website either by word of mouth or business card then the same applies aswell. For example an expectation of a small local plumbers firm would be to have a .co.uk address whereas an institution offering training courses might be better suited to an .edu domain. These are just examples and not rules remember, but you would be surprised how having an closely associated domain can really help.

5) If all else fails…

Remember that if you really are struggling to know what to choose then tools are available which will help you select the domain which would be perfect for your requirements. Despite this, we strongly suggest you take into account the above factors as the main principles will still apply.

In conclusion there are two things to take from this article. Firstly you website address is important for promoting your business and getting the correct message across – you probably know that already! Secondly and equally as important however is that the right domain title should be used because so many connotations (both digitally and non-digitally) can be drawn from it.

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