The highest profit award goes to alphabet

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A grade for Alphabet

Some interesting news has developed in the race to become the world’s most valuable, profitable and successful company. It has recently been announced that Alphabet (that is Google’s parent company incase you didn’t know) have overtaken Apple to claim this achievement. We all know and realise what a big organisation Apple is in its own […]

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Googles new technology lets you 'visit' Buckingham Palace

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Virtual reality ma’am?

Ever wanted to nose around the Queen’s house? Well now you can – well sort of, and the best encounter is reserved for students though. In a step forward and further enhancement in technology, Google has teamed up with the Royal Collection Trust (the organisation which manages all the old, royal buildings) to bring this […]

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Has Google paid enough revenue back

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Has Google ‘paid its dues?’

No prizes for guessing what we are referring to here! Of course it is the tax payment issue (or seemingly lack of it.) HMRC have been investigating the tax whereabouts of Google for over 5 years now, and in the end Google has decided to pay over £130 million in taxes which date back as […]

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driverless cars by google

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Google ‘drive’?

Following on from our New Year posts where we have explored the type of developments and changes that might be taking place in the SEO industry during 2016 (see: http://www.weareinfront.com/seo-and-2016/ ) we are now going to expand this a little bit further and look at what Google is up to in the wider world. Indeed […]

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Toyota and Fords verses Apple and Google.

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The big giants taking on the bigger giants?

Here we are referring to 4 specific companies: Toyota & Ford V Apple and Google. It sounds like a bit of a boxing match and in due course, it leads to some very interesting developments. We can see that other companies are deciding to take on the likes of Google and Apple to prove that […]

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2016 and seo

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SEO and 2016

Happy New Year! We have just dawned the start of a new year and the sun is slowly rising into 2016. With metaphorical (and hopefully actual) longer and brighter days ahead, it is a good time to look towards some of the things which may be big in this industry during the course of the […]

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