2016 searching habits

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Search behaviour 2016

You might remember from last year that there was plenty of talk, postings and commentary about the decline in desktop searching with the apparent rise of mobile searching in its place. Given that mobiles today are far advanced, and you can do many things on them (as you can on your desktop PC) this is […]

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guidelines for writing about free gifts

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Acknowledging your ‘gifts’ the Google way

This news item concerns bloggers, and when they receive free gifts in return for a review being written about them. Google has issued guidelines for these types of postings to ensure the bloggers do not get penalised. They include: 1)  Using a no follow link if they are deciding to connect to the company in […]

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Googles further mobile friendly update

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Mobilegeddon: an update and a warning?

We so loved the title “mobilegeddon” that we were hoping it would come around again for another mention and yes, it has! It was one of the main SEO stories we remember from 2015 and you may think back to postings from us such as (http://www.weareinfront.com/mobile-friendly-ranking-launch/) when there was a flurry of activity and interest […]

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a search engine for kids

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Kiddle for Kids

For whatever exists in life there is always normally an adult and a childrens version. If visiting a restaurant, there is an adults and kids menu for example. This all recognises that children are special, and so need catering for in a specific and different way to adults. Google has finally recognised this and has […]

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Google and paid ads

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Paid ads a priority?

Open up a Google search window on the desktop and type in something generic. Have a look at our example below, we have gone with “holidays”: What do you notice – or more precisely, what do you notice that is different? The answer is with respect to the paid adverts. Previously these appeared on the […]

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How quick is Google on mobile?

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Should you practice what you preach?

We all know the answer to this of course, but just because this is so, it doesn’t mean it is always true or happens in practice. We know that the Google search engine continually and constantly develops. In the last few years there has been a big push and drive to ensure websites are mobile […]

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