The new Google Adwords – top 5 things to look out for

You may remember our blog post from a little while back where we teased you with how the new google AdWords interface was getting closer. Well now it looks like we finally have some concrete elements to report about.

Every Spring Google seems to announce changes or big things that are happening in the industry. This year it was the turn of the new Ad Words. You may be wondering why we are waiting till now to post about this. We can report that some AdWords Accounts already have the option of testing the new AdWords as a Beta version, and so we must assume that the transformation process is moving along. In this article we will take a look at some of the key things to look out for and what might be different.

1) The interface.

Whatever else is said about the new Adwords platform the interface trumps it all. When Google make statements saying how this will be the most powerful change in the way users interact with the medium for 15 years, it really does give you an idea of what may lie ahead. If you can’t wait, then you can see examples of the difference here. The new interface is colourful and is designed to be more user friendly – a world apart from the current model (according to some.) Bear in mind though that some of you will have to wait till the end of the year before experiencing it, so don’t get too excited just yet!

2) Surveys 360.

This is a new concept and addition to the new Google Adwords which many are excited about. The feature will allow for users to make surveys and base it on a sample of audience from across the internet. The results of the surveys will also be available quickly.

What this allows for is to get vital feedback on reasons why people did or didn’t click your ad for example. This can be very useful for modifications and adaptations to campaigns.

3) The use of AMP.

If you are a regular follower of our blogs or interested in digital marketing, accelerated mobile pages are no new or strange concept. Their inclusion within the new AdWords platform gives them a significant boost to match their effectiveness in organic search.

Google has worked out that slow landing pages can cost users websites up to 20% loss in conversions for each additional second.

4) Google Attribution.

We all know that when a user engages with a website especially to buy a product, the process is complicated and involves many steps. For conversion purposes it can be hard to see (or worse still) work out what has actually led to the conversion. This will no longer be an issue in Adwords with Google Attribution as you will be able to directly and easily see what is happening.

5) Landing page reports.

There is likely to be a few changes to the landing page areas but one such new inclusion is the offer of reports on landing pages. Once you see this you will think it looks quite familiar and you would be correct – it is a mirror of the Google page speed tool feature. The difference now is that there will be integration into AdWords. This will feature will tell you how to optimise your landing page/s for quicker speeds, allow you to view a usability report across the whole website, and also ask experts questions if needed.

Remember the above are just our 5 top changes (there are more.) It seems that many of us will be soon on yet another learning curve to get to grips with a change in a fundamental programme.

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