The new Google Adwords interface gets closer

A change is coming!…

We all know that Google’s brand and interfaces change from time to time. You would expect this of such a big and well known company. In the latest of these changes, we see a gradual rollout of a new AdWords interface. This is not a new concept as such, as it was announced last year but increasingly more and more account holders are having the chance to ‘alpha access’ this facility, with more accounts soon to follow.

If you do get a message pop up when you log in and you are tempted to click, then don’t worry. You may also be automatically taken to the new look when you log in on one occasion. You can currently easily navigate between the current interface and the new one. This will give users the opportunity to visually see for theirselves what is different while having a chance to work and try out the new system too. Another handy feature of the new interface is that a tutorial video is available when you first decide to click on or get to see the new version. This will help you come to terms with the new look and any new features which you may not be aware of.

It is important to note that this new interface is still a work in progress and things are being added all the time. You might not initially like it when you first see it but don’t give up as another viewing in about a week or two’s time might reveal something different.

Nothing has been said or stated as to when this rollout will come with the point of no return, but just like any phased transition we would expect this to happen at some point. Google AdWords interface is a big and complicated programme, and we would assume that Google would be wise to take on board everyone’s concerns and criticisms and try to remedy these before they ‘force’ people to use the new programme forever.

We know that a company like Google makes changes with the aim of them being for the better, so on that basis, we should all be able to look forward to a better, more productive and user friendly AdWords interface.

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