Autoplay Videos in the search results: Google introduces new unpopular feature

Chances are we know you wouldn’t but Google still may experiment and implement this idea anyway.

This is a current topic of conversation that is going around the internet but most people don’t seem happy about it or even like the idea of it coming into force.

What’s it all about?

There is about to be another new feature coming to the desktop search panel. Videos could soon be automatically played when you make searches (and this is already reported to happen for some searches like film ones.) It is proposed that initially the video will just play without the searcher being able to hear any sound, although the user can turn on the sound theirselves should they wish to do so…unlikely?

From Google’s perspective the clever thing about these videos is that they are not classed as advertisements yet still comply to Google owns advertising standard policy. The degree to which people see them as ads however because they are trying to promote something is bound to be a topic that everyone will have an opinion on.

There are some saving graces perhaps?:

1) Videos are only due to play once so that extra annoying repeat over and over again shouldn’t happen.

2) There are no plans for this to be rolled out on mobile search at this stage.

3) Google is developing an extension for Chrome users where you will be allowed to block this from happening altogether. Of course this is all well and good, but if you aren’t using Chrome you’re pretty stuck. Brings about the question why can’t they create a feature that just simply disables it for anyone who doesn’t want it?

What will the overall consequence be?

This is an answer to a question which we would all love to know. A lot depends on what actually happens and how much or how far this roll out is taken. It will then depend upon how users receive it and whether there is any backtracking or watering down of the feature. One thing is for sure though, given the amount of negative voice that has been given to it so far it doesn’t look like it will be a people pleasing move.

What perhaps it does do however, is open up the market up a little, dependant on just how disgruntled Google’s users become. Could this bring in a new era of competition?

It is arguably not a massive change. Afterall, you just ignore the video if you aren’t interested in watching it. However you would be surprised just how much small changes to something people have become familiar and comfortable with can be enough to unsettle them (especially in something as iconic as Google search.)

Will users end up voting with their fingers?

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