Will Google’s launch of the full coverage feature in mobile search make any difference?

The question as asked in the title, is phrased in such a way, because the concept of full coverage is not an entirely new feature – it is simply just a new feature to mobile search. What is the full coverage feature about? For those of you that have never heard about it before, full […]

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Yahoo answers to close from May, but why?

Many of you will have heard of it, many more of you will have even posted on it or searched for answers on it, but after a long 15 years, the yahoo answers portal is about to close for good. What are the timeline of events? This is quite a rapid shutdown of a service […]

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Core Web Vitals update – what you should know

You may remember reading our recent article Heads up! Google page experience coming in May 2021. As we get a little closer to the time, more and more information and insight is becoming available as to what to expect and the impact that this change might have. To briefly familiarise yourself with the topic, the […]

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Is text and content length a ranking factor?

We all know how important content is to a website. Many previous studies have focused on the actual content and the positive or negative impact this could have to a website. Until now, little has been known about just how much the length of the content is either a ranking factor or is considered when […]

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How damaging are 404 errors?

404 errors are unsightly at the very least, especially if it is a ‘template and basic’ 404 page with no link to anything useful. 404 pages do annoy visitors to websites and audiences generally, and you would therefore think that Google views multiple 404 pages in a domain as a negative signal. Some clarification has […]

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The impact of contextual links in feature snippets

In case you weren’t aware, links in featured snippets are not a new thing. Google has been running this since November. While the feature is still being tested some implications and thoughts are worth considering as the process moves along. As a quick overview to explain the background, featured snippets are small boxes of information […]

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