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The new Features coming to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is set to introduce a number of new features to its platform, designed to yield better return on investment and improve marketing decisions. These key features will be: smart insights that utilise machine learning to recognise trends customer-focused data measurement further google ads integration   Smarter Insights With the introduction of smarter insights, […]

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Facebook Plugin Update makes connecting with Customers on your Website even Easier

Facebook is planning major updates to their business website plugin, which helps customers communicate with businesses via Facebook Messenger, allowing it to be accessed by users who are not already logged in to the Facebook platform. This will help companies to greatly expand their customer reach. A redesign of the plugin is also said to […]

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Google Ads to Update how App Campaigns Operate

Google Ads plan to make a number of changes to how their app campaigns operate, simplifying the campaign creation process and aiming to generate more conversions. In an update being introduced later this year, the campaign building process with be simplified with the introduction of a new tool made for optimising imagery. Learn more about […]

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Facebook’s algorithm to prioritise original reporting

Facebook has made the move to update its news feed algorithm, changing the way in which news stories are ranked on the main feed through an algorithm update that prioritises original reporting. The new algorithm is also said to demote any news articles that do not have transparent authorship.   As to identify any original […]

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Google to trial the use of thumbnail images in the search results

Google have announced that they are currently testing the use of thumbnail images within their search results, similarly to how thumbnails are implemented into the Google News platform. These thumbnail images are being trialled across both the search engine results page (SERP), and within the Google Suggest drop-down.   Thumbnail images will present as cropped […]

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Google My Business to introduce updated hours for specific services on their platforms

Google is allowing for businesses to add additional hours to their Google My Business listings for services that were not previously offered throughout all times of the day. If hours for particular business services vary from a company’s normal opening hours, this information is now easily displayed to customers. Businesses are able to display additional […]

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