New lead form extensions are being tested by Google Ads

Google Ads have recently announced that they are testing a new way for businesses to gain more customer information through the use of lead form extensions. This is a new and exciting feature, so we will look at it in further detail and explore the uses of the ad extension.

What does it do?

Ad extensions are an integral part of optimising paid search ads, assisting advertisers in gaining an edge over competitors, through improving performance and increasing CTR. Although there are many forms of ad extensions whether manual or automatic, they are a great tool to use for attracting and enticing new or existing customers.

The new ad extension that Google is rolling out is designed to work through attracting potential customers with a call to action, such as a special offer or a discount, which is only available after filling out a lead form. The lead form is completely customisable for advertisers, which allows them to refine their customers information through asking for details such as:

  • Customer name
  • Email address
  • Postcode
  • Phone number

On top of this, advertisers can edit the description, title and even the design of the lead form to attract more customers.


How is it implemented?

Advertisers can implement the new ad extension through using a website link or downloading their call to action form. It has also been indicated that the new extensions can be integrated on to the advertisers CRM, through a new Google Ads support page.

However, another new Google Ads support page has suggested that the lead form extensions found in search ads are currently only a beta feature during this period, and that only some businesses are in fact eligible for them.  Google has stated that some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals are also not eligible for the new lead form extensions.


If you are looking for more information regarding Google developments, why not keep up to date with our In Front Digital blog page, or explore further with our learn articles?



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