Google sourcing less organic content than previous years

Over the past year, it seems that the overall organic content sourced from google has dropped in its quantity when compared to the same time last year. The results that are organic posted from google are down around 8%, according to one digital marketing report from Merkle.

Google is not the only search engine to have a drop in its organic search results, with Bing reportedly loosing 26% of its organic results and Yahoo being down by 11% too.

It seems that the only one major search engine with an overall rise in its organic search results is DuckDuckGo, with the organic results almost doubling from last year at 49%, and a 64% rise in its mobile visits.

Google has still managed to gain 1% in its organic search visit share this last quarter, although Bing has lost 1 % of its organic search visit share.


In the second quarter of 2019, it has been reported that organic searched provided 23% of all site visits, falling 6% compared to last year’s results and a further 2% when compared to the first quarter of 2019.

This drop has mostly been seen on mobile phone users, where organic search visits dropped from 13 % in the first quarter of 2019 down to just 5 % in the second – the worst growth for organic phone searches since 2016.

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