LinkedIn recently launched improved targeting tools

LinkedIn have recently enhanced the tools used for targeting, to make it easier for advertisers to reach their desired target audiences. The new features that have been introduced include a more sophisticated and inclusive audience, improved targeting and more intricate reporting features, within the sites campaign manager. The changes were made to these features as a means to command a wider and more powerful reach and insights within LinkedIn campaigns.


Enhanced reporting


Through enhanced reporting, LinkedIn is able to improve upon its own current demographic reporting capabilities. This is achieved through providing further insights for companies to use, including features such as reporting on who is watching video ads, interreacting with their lead gen forms, or opening sponsored messages on LinkedIn. Through use of these features LinkedIn can accumulate accurate and refined data on a company’s demographic.

The data generated will help advertisers and marketers better understand which professionals are becoming quality leads, allowing them to alter strategies and ad campaigns more efficiently and accurately.


Audience forecasting


Marketers can now understand more about their target audience than ever before, due to an improved campaign forecasting feature in campaign manager. This panel is customisable to produce specific professional characteristics regarding an audience. For instance, this could include top industries, experience levels or the size of a company.

This feature will allow for someone to reach more people with their ads, not just the specific demographic that they are trying to reach. This result of this will be that the audience demographic will be more diversified, allowing for content to be delivered that is more relative to a wider audience.


These changes have already been put into place on the site, and have been received warmly by the users.


Precision targeting


Improved precision targeting is being introduced as a result of the feedback received from marketers. Specifically, LinkedIn is integrating ‘Boolean targeting logic’, which allows for users to perform “and/or” in queries. This type of targeting will allow advertisers to reach their correct audiences, via a more in-depth and sophisticated profile combinations or job facets, such as job descriptions, experience and titles in one single campaign.

This differs from the previous methods of targeting advertisers would use, where they could only look up specific people in certain job roles. Now, advertisers can reach people from multiple job roles in a variety of different companies more efficiently than ever before.


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