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Diversifying your digital marketing strategy

When it comes to digital marketing as a Digital marketing agency Birmingham, we know there are certain points where you may feel completely secure in your strategy. This is dangerous however, as it can lead to complacently in your own strategy, and this is when things start to regress, and fall apart. This is a […]

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POZNAN, POL - DEC 11, 2019: Laptop computer displaying logo of Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser developed by Google

New Google chrome update flags a new concern with privacy

Google has introduced a new update to Chrome, and with it a new type of privacy concern.  The update, known as ‘Chrome 80’, enables deep links to web documents, through implementing a new browser capability called ScrollToTextFragment. This feature also allows for Google the link to a single word of text on the page, with […]

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How mobile first indexing affects your SEO

Google is always introducing new changes and amendments to improve upon their users experience with them. It is because of this that it is important to note the changes and updates released from Google. This will allow for any movement in rankings and SEO to be monitored. In this article, we have compiled insights on […]

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Top SEO trends for 2020

As we go into February, it’s time to look ahead for what is in store for SEO during the rest of the year. These predictions will help to provide insight on useful SEO tactics that will produce the most profit, revenue and advantages for you and your business going forward this year. So, , let’s […]

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Google working towards more fact checked content

Google has made an effort to bring more relevant and fact checked content into SERPs, through methods such as displaying fact checked labels in results pages. This makes user experiences more fruitful in receiving more relatable and accurate content, for their search queries. For this reason, content writers should be prepared to keep this in […]

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Auchi, Edo-Nigeria-June 12, 2021: black person using google to do a search

Google to change how local search results are being generated

Google has recently confirmed their new update, which will affect how local search results will be generated. The process began back in early November, and is now full rolled out. In this article, we will look at what the new update means, how the update will affect search results and the impact it will have […]

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