Deciding whether to choose a general or specialist marketing agency

Hiring a marketing agency for your business will come with multiple decisions that need to be addressed. Whether you want to hire an agency to outsource your marketing or help your existing in-house marketing, you will need to decide whether to opt for a generalist or specialist marketing agency to support you.

Both types of agencies have their benefits, so really, it’s about choosing the right option that suits your business and optimizes your marketing potential.


Generalist marketing agencies

As you may have guessed, a generalist marketing agency will cover a lot of bases in terms of marketing. Generalist marketing agencies can cover factors such as;

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Content creation


Having all these bases covered by an outside management agency can be really beneficial for small companies, start up businesses and companies with a smaller budget. You may not require all of the options that are provided from a agency, however having a multitude available is never a bad thing.


If you are working with a small budget, and provide a specific service, it is probably a better idea to go with a agency that is willing to accommodate a lower budget for things like ad campaigns and SEO management.


General marketing agencies will be a more convenient option, as it will require less maintenance and updates, your marketing won’t perform as well when compared to a specific marketing agency, however you will be able to maintain stable marketing strategies without needing to be too involved.

Specialist marketing agencies


Specialist marketing agencies provide a more refined and focused form of marketing. Usually focusing on a specific factor in marketing, such as SEO marketing or PPC management. These can be really useful to established businesses who require a specific type of marketing.


Perhaps your business already has an in-house marketing team, but require assistance in a particular area to improve performance. This may take a relatively short amount of time or can go on indefinitely, all depending on how much the business has improved in the area you are focusing on, and whether you require the agency to stay on to maintain your marketing needs.


If you want support with your marketing, hiring specific marketing agencies will provide a more personal and tailored service, with performance as a priority. This will take more time and money to manage, however you will see the benefits of delegating more attention to your marketing as your business improves and grows.


To conclude, the route you go down in terms or marketing, depends entirely on your business, and what its needs are. Both types of agencies come with their perks and asking questions to potential candidates is a must. Get to know the agency, and how they will help look after your business. Make sure you are comfortable in choosing the right one for you.


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