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Twitter introduces an audience limiter

All digital platforms regularly change. Sometimes new features are added, sometimes old ones are taken away, or there is often a degree of experiment associated in finding out what works for the platforms and their audiences. As a digital marketing company, we think it is important to keep our own audience updated on changes that […]

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Krynica-Zdroj, Poland - July 11, 2017: Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his laptop. Google Analytics is the most famous application for advanced web traffic analysis in the world

New rules for Google Ads in PPC – important read

Anyone who uses PPC and paid adverts will be aware that there are strict rules for advertising. Users who fall foul of these are likely to receive a warning notification (sometimes called a strike.) Google Ads operates a ‘three strikes and you are out’ principle, meaning that if you breach the rules three times, your […]

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Wordpress homepage under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

Search by picture – a new revolution which could help you?

A potential new revolution in the way we search has come to Google, although the bad news for the UK audience is it is currently US only and in a Beta trial version. Still however, it is worth taking a look at and certainly not something to ignore even for the UK market, as it […]

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POZNAN, POL - DEC 11, 2019: Laptop computer displaying logo of Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser developed by Google

Desktop Chrome users – would switching to another browser be better?

In recent weeks and months there has been much talk about the Google Chrome search browser. There have been reports over issues with tracking, along with security and safety. This has left many to question the browser and whether they should turn to alternatives. This all said, Google Chrome is one of the most well-known, […]

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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - MAR 07, 2018: Person holding a brand new Apple iPhone with Twitter logo on the screen. Twitter is a social media online service for microblogging and networking communication.

Google warns over puppy scam. Beware!

This article contains some important information designed to protect our audience so consider fully. It concerns the latest scam which is widely occurring. Google have issued a warning over it because the scammers are using Google products in order to con victims. This blog post explains everything you need to know and how to avoid […]

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Does Google only really warn us about minor updates?

Our latest blog posts considers something which has been baffling the SEO industry for a while. We consider the merits to this latest observation and what the reasons behind it may be. It has been widely (and increasingly) communicated from commentators, that when Google updates occur, they only seem to give people advanced warning of […]

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