Is something as simple as a bookmark a ranking factor?

Many webmasters go to great detail and depth in order to comply with Google’s recommendations for websites, so that they can appear in prominent positions on the search results pages. One way of doing this is to learn what Google regards as ranking factors for websites, then ensuring the website meets the criteria for this. […]

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Is your website ready for Christmas seasonal demand?

It still may be a little early to think about Christmas (perhaps,) but for many online retailers or those who have seasonal trade, we are now approaching the biggest and busiest time of year. You may think this is still early, but preparation has been in planning for months –since the height of the summer […]

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Are your search result pages about to change?

The answer to the question is ‘for some yes’ and at least temporarily on an experimental basis. Excited by a change or dreading another Google tweak? What is it all about? Read on to find out about Google’s latest trial of search result pages. The change involves seeing search results on an actual live page […]

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Why is an accurate online business listing vital?

Our latest blog post answers the question in the title, by exploring a recent report which looks at some of the statistics that have been associated with this question. Ever searched for a business online, discovered some of their details, only to find out they are wrong or have not been updated? It sounds basic […]

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What is Google’s new MUM update?

It would seem like Mum really is the word when it comes to Google’s latest update! What is MUM and what does it stand for? MUM stands for “Multitask Unified Model.” The aim is to be able to process and recognise the needs of changing search demands and ones that represent the current time. This […]

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Google Chrome security issues – what you need to know

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers around with over 2 billion users worldwide using it. Popularity can sometimes have the impact of being the victim of success, and when it comes to security issues this is likely to the be the case with the Chrome browser. Since Chrome is so popular […]

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