Why is an accurate online business listing vital?

Our latest blog post answers the question in the title, by exploring a recent report which looks at some of the statistics that have been associated with this question.

Ever searched for a business online, discovered some of their details, only to find out they are wrong or have not been updated? It sounds basic doesn’t it, anyone with an online presence displaying accurate details so they can engage with their customers and draw in as much potential business as possible?

In reality though, it would appear that this is often not the case and is something that many searchers do not find.

A recent 2021 business listings trust report has been released and has found some quite interesting statistics.

The survey focused on over 1,000 people’s responses based on their behaviour and experiences over a 12 month period. Some of the key results include the following:

  • 75% of people who were questioned found the business they contacted did not offer the product or service which they were expecting, based on what was advertised on their website.
  • 77% of people answered ‘yes’ to the question on whether they had found conflicting pieces of information based on the same business across multiple places (such as on a website verses on social platforms) etc.
  • 85% of people found either incorrect, misleading or incomplete data regarding the business, even if this was looking at the business website itself!

The above are some of the factual pieces of information and conclusions found from the report. To answer the question ‘why are accurate online business listings vital’, it is necessary to explore one final statistic that was found and discovered, which overarches everything else.

  • As many as 63% stated that incorrect or inaccurate business data would discourage them from using the business.

This is significant and means that business owners really need to pay attention to the basic core information they display on theirselves, not just the technical details. The pandemic has invariably meant that many businesses have had to close for a period, adjust their hours of operation, or make other changes to be able to adapt to the needs, demands and requirements of the current times. Many searchers have found something as basic as not updating information to reflect these changes – even if they are only temporary, very annoying, and at worst, it is enough to completely drive them away and use another business instead.

Why it matters

When the world is only slowly recovering from the events of the last 18 months, business and consumer confidence can be and still is quite shaky. It can be hard to attract and gain new business at the best of times – many industries are becoming more and more competitive, and this is without the disruption that has been caused since March 2020. Why then would you want to risk turning customers away because of something so simple and basic as updating and having accurate information?


While reviews, technical specifications and accurate landing pages all have their place in the search engine experience, webmasters really do need to start with the basics. Why not take the opportunity now to review all your vital information to check it is accurate. Changed your phone number, but not updated it on your website or socials for example? This could be having a huge impact, and you could soon find that you get big rewards for seemingly little effort.

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