What is Google’s new MUM update?

It would seem like Mum really is the word when it comes to Google’s latest update!

What is MUM and what does it stand for?

MUM stands for “Multitask Unified Model.” The aim is to be able to process and recognise the needs of changing search demands and ones that represent the current time. This is done by using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme that aims to increase effectiveness of the search process. It is not just fully based on AI however, as there will be human interpretation as a quality control, which will be constantly changing and tweaking the AI programme to make it work better.

Many people think that searching is an easy process by simply typing in a question or query and the result suddenly appearing. In reality and for many people, it is often much more complicated than this, as accurate and efficient search results can be interrupted by language barriers and geographical issues (amongst others,) which can all dilute the quality of the search and results.

Currently, when users need to undertake a comprehensive search, this has to be done by several smaller searches, so enough depth can be discovered and understood on the topic or query in question. The MUM update attempts to address and change this by removing the need for a searcher to undertake complicated and multiple searches. In addition, the MUM update has use of understanding of over 75 languages – results can therefore be obtained much faster and unified into one place making it better for the searcher.

The ultimate aim of the MUM update is to change and revolutionise the way people gain access to information, along with the speed and ease of how this is done.

It comes with a caveat however!

Just because users will have access to more information, at greater speed, overcoming language and geographical barriers, still does not mean that the information is reliable, authentic, or factual. The update is a change to the process of how information is gathered not the actual information itself. Users will still need to vet any information and results found, and it would seem rather disappointing that this update has not taken further steps to try and address some of these problems. If the search engine ‘retrieval’ process was being overhauled, then it would have made perfect sense to ensure that accurate information was being presented too. After all, what good is quick and reformed search results, that can’t fully be trusted or not totally accurate?

Why is this so important?

The new MUM update is all about making the search process much more user friendly. Compared to any similar updates, this produces much faster and accurate results and is perfect for a world where information may need to be discovered in an instant anywhere and at anytime.

What does it mean for me and my content, articles, or blogs?

Writing good content is important to any SEO strategy – we have covered many blog posts and learn articles on this over the years, and it continues to be the case. Now thanks to the MUM update, this is more critical than ever. Searchers will now have access to a greater range of data and information, meaning that any individuals’ content will have to be more competitive against everyone else. The new MUM update definitely needs to be focused in your mind when you now write new content.

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