Magnifying glass and many words over black background, with the text SEO (Search Engine Optimization) written with golden letters. Internet marketing and web analytics concept. 3D illustration

Can indexing new content take longer than you think?

Whenever new content is posted, you want people to be able to see it quickly. Some people expect to see it ‘yesterday.’ However, in practice, it does not work like this and some recent soundings which have come from Google can leave many of you feeling very disappointed if you think that this is a […]

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Krynica-Zdroj, Poland - July 11, 2017: Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his laptop. Google Analytics is the most famous application for advanced web traffic analysis in the world

The new Google Analytics – 4

Google have recently launched the 4th generation of their analytics programme. It is designed to be more modern and reflect the change in pace with the current times. New features have been added and layouts have been changed with overhauls taking place. However not all are happy with this, in fact, a determined number are […]

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Wordpress homepage under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

Is WordPress still fit for purpose?

Everyone who has had experience with the technicals of a website, (or is a webmaster who owns a site,) will have heard of WordPress. Chances are, that the website uses WordPress as its platform too! However, a recent study has looked closely at WordPress and examined whether it is still relevant today in 2021, as […]

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