POZNAN, POL - DEC 11, 2019: Laptop computer displaying logo of Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser developed by Google

Could Google Chrome be about to offer more user privacy?

This blog posts relates to cookies – not the nice, sweet tasting ones, but the ones that store information on your computer about your visits to websites. Google has put forward an idea to replace tracking cookies on its Chrome browser with a system that would give out less data to advertisers. This in turn […]

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Data privacy and analitycs tracked by seo and ppc agency

How can Facebook’s new overhaul help business?

Social media platforms are in constant competition with each other and it seems that nothing ever stays the same with them for too long. Facebook have recently announced that they are making further changes to their platform, designed to bring new features which businesses and marketers will find useful. In addition to this a new […]

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