50% of consumers believe that search results show accurate information about brands

A new study, based upon 500 consumers in the U.S.A, has shown that only half believe that the information representing a brand in search results is accurate. This new research was published from a joint survey, conducted by Yext and Forbes. This study has also revealed that consumers will hold brands accountable when they believe […]

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Google sourcing less organic content than previous years

Over the past year, it seems that the overall organic content sourced from google has dropped in its quantity when compared to the same time last year. The results that are organic posted from google are down around 8%, according to one digital marketing report from Merkle. Google is not the only search engine to […]

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View of a Businessman using a smartphone with a Contact icon surrounding by app and social icon - 3d render

Google launch ‘Google Go’ app worldwide

Google has recently launched the scaled down sibling to the google app, and it’s available to users internationally. Whereas the app, called ‘google go’ was previously only available to countries where most of the population was using low spec or dated android phones, it is now being made available to many more people. Optimised to […]

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