Will email now become totally private?

Many of you are probably looking at the title of this post thinking “aren’t emails private anyway?” The answer to this is yes and no. Emails are private in the sense that unless they are hacked etc. then your information is safe. What a lot of people don’t realise is that emails are regularly scanned […]

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Auchi, Edo-Nigeria-June 12, 2021: black person using google to do a search

Are featured snippets lowering organic clicks?

This is a question and a topic which has recently come into the spotlight and from a search perspective is very important. Let’s take a closer look at this… Firstly, we should establish what featured snippets are. As the name suggests, featured snippets give a summary of information when someone has placed a search into […]

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Home Office Design Workspace Room Concept

Google warns again about ‘bad’ links

Who is (or what is) the weakest link? Most of us know the difference (or at least have heard of the difference) between black hat and white hat SEO. Recently Google has put out a new warning on links which are released through circulating content on a large scale means. Essentially writers and website owners […]

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