What are verified customer reviews

Implementation of verified customer reviews

Our latest blog posting this month is about a new feature – Google’s verified customer reviews. This topic may look a bit familiar to you, and indeed you would be correct. It is related to a posting we did a few weeks ago on review sites being beneficial. This however is something a bit different […]

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Should small businesses rely on social media

Should local businesses rely totally on social?

What is worse than your website being down? Not having one perhaps? You would think that the answer to this question is obvious but this is not entirely true. Data and some recent research shows that many small businesses are relying on social profiles alone to promote their business and engage with their audience, rather […]

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Which engagement platform provides better conversions?

Are review sites more beneficial than search?

We have recently encountered and read a potential eyebrow raising piece of information and research. This concerns search facilities (like Google) and review sites like Yelp. What’s it all about? Yelp commissioned a survey to see how important and how many conversions its platform was bringing in. If the results are fully accurate and approved […]

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