Spam and hacking potential increased during last year.

Spam is on the increase – again!

(…and not the edible kind either!) This is probably not headline news and as many of us will agree, we are constantly being bombarded with messages and junk which we simply don’t want. Google has released its latest annual spam report, and on closer inspection, the figures do look quite eye watering and a worry. […]

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Do you need https to rank on page 1?

Can we now conclude that https is the way forward?

This is not the first time we have posted about having an https domain and what the relevance and importance of this is – perhaps beyond the obvious. In case any of you are new or unfamiliar with the term, let us quickly explain what it is. Https is a form of ‘secure’ server which […]

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Fake news gets a greater spotlight

Google’s step up on the fake news problem

It is ironic that in the word ‘believe’ is ‘lie’! Fake news has become something of a thing which has constantly been referred to in the media, and something which has been on the increase through 2016 and into 2017. In the most high profile of circumstances you will probably remember it from the American […]

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