Do you have a Google My Business listing? Beware of attempts to compromise it!

Nothing that involves the internet and being online is totally safe and secure. This has always been the case and as technology has advanced over the last few decades so have the methods and ways to compromise it. In this blog post we consider the latest problem with Google My Business and how this should […]

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SEO important ranking features*

(*of 2016) If you are interested in SEO, own a website, or are a business looking to improve your rankings then this is a must read blog post! Whilst 2016 has passed you might be forgiven for the thinking that ranking features of last year apply to 2017 with any great degree of authority. This […]

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Will A.M.P become dominant in 2017?

A.M.P stands for “accelerated mobile pages” and is something we first mentioned last year and tweeted about several times. Now we have started a new year and thoughts turn to changes and updates, we consider whether A.M.P could benefit you and what the likely trend for it will be. What is it?  Essentially and in […]

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