progress of the rankbrain feature

An update on RankBrain

We always like to follow and report on the progress of new inventions and changes to the digital marketing world. One such recent one is that of the new Rank Brain system. What is it? This was introduced towards the end of last year and its purpose was clear. Essentially RankBrain is known as an […]

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social media for small businesses

Social Media for Small Businesses

It’s 2016, and I think we now all get the message: social media is a key tool for business. This does not just apply to larger companies that can afford to put millions of pounds into social media campaigns; it applies to the smaller businesses too. In this article we will be looking at how […]

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rankings and bounce rate

Bounce rate and rankings

Bounce rate is an important factor within the world of SEO. Having a high bounce rate is one thing (and not good while we are mentioning it!,) but does bounce rate have impact on rankings and to what extent – this is the more pressing issue. Let’s take this step by step… What is bounce […]

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Longer title and description boxes in Googles search display

The changing world of displaying search results

Such as is the general nature of technology and the digital world, changes are always happening and these have to be both expected and accepted. In terms of SEO, PPC, and Social media, there doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without some tweak or modification occurring. Search results and the way they […]

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Digital Marketing – Where You May Be Going Wrong

With the Internet constantly changing and evolving, even the most experienced marketers can go wrong with digital marketing and optimization if they don’t keep up with the latest changes in the industry. It can be even more difficult for webmasters who do not have a digital marketing agency on hand to fix any issues that […]

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