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Spam up or down

It’s something that applies to us all and which we all get fed up with – whether its nuisance phonecalls or emails telling us we are a billionaire. In this article we look at spam email and how Google has tried to tackle it. Back in the day when emailing was a fairly novel concept, […]

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WordPress 4.2.3 is now available

WordPress is constantly evolving and striving to keep up with security threats and improve user experience. Whenever an update is released it is best practice to install it as soon as possible. Version 4.2.3 is recommended to all users for security reasons. WordPress have said that they strongly encourage the download to fix vulnerability issues […]

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New algorithm update: Google Panda 4.2

  We have been waiting for a while as news of an update broke some time ago. But the update to Googles Panda Algorithm has only just been released this past weekend. Google have said that it will be a slow roll out and therefore it may be months until site owners see the effects […]

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AOL goes for Bing over Google

It seems as though changes and developments are happening all the time within the SEO world, and this is yet another to add to the list. Following a recent announcement and deal, AOL sites will soon use Bing as their default search engine – this looks to be phased in over the next decade. In […]

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Twitter ad management on mobile

Twitter has in the last week announced that twitter ads can now be managed when you are out and about. If you are on the train or on your way to a meeting, you will now be able to update ads whenever suits your schedule. The twitter feature for mobile is now available around the […]

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Google attempts to smash explicit postings without consent

It’s something that has been heard about in the news many times. People have major fallouts or break ups with their partners then seek revenge on them by posting ‘uncomfortable’ pictures online. The effects of this can be devastating ranging from embarrassment and psychological problems, to landing people in hot water professionally and even losing […]

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Twitters project lightning for live events coverage

There have recently been too many changes to Twitter which seem to solely benefit advertisers and make twitter money. They seem not to have been created with the everyday user in mind. So the latest proposal by twitter will hopefully benefit most. Twitter is starting on project lightning which they are hoping will encourage users […]

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