PPC ongoing Adwords management

PPC Management

Why does your business need PPC Management services?

Prevent budget wastage

Get the most from your PPC campaign. If your campaign is not optimised and managed correctly then you may be spending money on search terms that are irrelevant or poorly targeted.  Our team will manage your PPC campaign to ensure all of your budget is put to good use and that each click counts.

Maximise Paid search return

Spend your time on what you do best, running your business. Our Bing and Google Adwords certified staff can help to ensure your campaign is constantly optimised, keywords are bid managed and settings are updated to ensure you are getting the most from your campaign, all of the time. We will also recommend how to improve the campaign and drive it forward to give you a strong ROI.


Why choose In Front Digital to manage your PPC accounts?

  • Our PPC experts are friendly, professional and approachable

  • Offer monthly in-depth reports to help you see what impact your paid search advertising is having

  • Google Adwords & Bing certifed experts

  • We have a history of excellent results. Take a look at our PPC case studies

  • Flexible packages to suit your needs

  • Management of paid budgets from £250-£50,000+

PPC Management: The Process

Analysis & Setup

We will work with you to understand your business goals and requirements and help to profile the users (using in depth keyword research) that you want to target through paid search. From these search terms we can then target the likely converting ones and estimate a likely return and give an estimate of the suggested monthly PPC AdSpend budget. We will ensure that the spend is within this agreed amount

PPC Tracking

We ensure that any campaign we manage is setup to correctly record conversions and that all KPIs on the site are correctly tracking and setup. This is imperative so that we know what level of return you are getting from PPC and so we can understand your return and further refine the campaign in the future.

Campaign Refinement

Ad text – this is the text that the user will see when they get shown your advert. A well written ad will engage your user and tells them what to expect when they click through to your website. Experimenting and improving the ad text is critical to improve your CTR (Click through rate).

Keywords – 1) Bid management, to ensure you are not paying too much for each keyword. 2)Improving your keyword quality scores should be a priority as ads can perform better (and cost less) for a high scoring ad. Ad text, CTR, landing page relevancy and expected CTR affect this. 3) search term report – ensure you are not wasting budget and identify new terms that should be incorporated into the campaign

Settings – ad scheduling, device monitoring, geo targeting, site extensions, call tracking, keyword research and many more.


PPC Landing Pages

It is important that you direct users who have clicked on your ads to a relevant landing page that relates to the ad text you have written. The page should also be setup to convert, i.e. get the user to do what you want them to do. For instance buy a product or enquire. We will provide recommendations on this

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