how to audit your website

How To Audit Your Website & Improve SEO

If you’re at a wits end with your organic rankings and just can’t seem to make a positive difference to your organic performance, an SEO audit can help identify problems with your website that you never knew existed and may have been sabotaging your rankings for a long time! It’s common that business owners assume […]

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What To Do If Your AdWords Campaign Isn’t Working

Here at In Front, we always recommend a combined PPC and SEO strategy for maximum reach and ROI. SEO isn’t an overnight process, so whilst your SEO takes its time to deliver results, a solid PPC campaign can drive those all-important leads. PPC can work for almost any business and is a vital tool for […]

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how to measure seo success

How To Measure SEO Success

Unlike paid advertising or social media marketing, SEO takes time to be effective and in order to obtain the ROI for your campaigns you need to be aware of how to measure SEO success. Measuring your SEO depends on your industry and your business goals, however, three KPIs remain the same across all campaigns: Keyword […]

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removing low value pages

What Does Google Consider Low Quality Content?

If you keep up with SEO lingo, you will likely have heard ‘content is king’ more times than you can count, but it’s true. Content is a key factor that Google takes into account when defining the context of your pages and ultimately ranking them. Google has strict guidelines that webmasters and agencies like In […]

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article with headings

How To Use Header Tags For SEO

There are hundreds of ranking factors that will impact your SEO rankings and how Google defines the quality of your pages; when used together these elements form a solid SEO strategy. However, one technical element of page structure that is often overlooked or not understood to be important for SEO is header tags. Header tags […]

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how to fix adwords disapprovals

How To Fix A Disapproved AdWords Ad

Whether you’re a PPC pro or a newbie, it can be confusing when you’ve set up your ads and Google flags them as disapproved. What have you done wrong? Google is cracking down on poor quality ads and have been doing so for quite some time now, even diving into your paused ads to flag […]

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