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Benefits Of Dynamic Search Ads in Google Ads

In our previous guide on how to write great PPC ads, we discussed how you can use dynamic search ads to further enhance your campaign. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of dynamic search ads and why it is good practice to always run at least one dynamic search ad alongside […]

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How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

When it comes to analysing how well your website is performing, bounce rate is one of the most important metrics to focus on. Bounce rate will help you understand which pages need improving and if there are any underlying problems with your website. What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is calculated by dividing the number […]

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Anatomy of a good ppc ad

The Anatomy Of A Great PPC Ad: How To Write Great Text Ads

PPC can be an extremely effective and powerful marketing method if set up and managed correctly. Unfortunately, consumers don’t see all the behind-the-scenes work you’ve put in. All they see are your ads, so they best be good! High quality, relevant PPC ads have a lower cost per clicks and higher click-through rates than lower […]

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content writing tips from journalists

Quick Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing

In today’s climate, you can easily get weighed down by the pressure of content marketing and ensuring that not only are you producing regular content but content that provides value to your readers and industry. Content marketing is a key way to reach out to new prospects with your brand and products/services to let them […]

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fast page speed

How Page Speed Impacts Your Online Sales

Unbounce recently carried out a study where 750 consumers and 395 webmasters were questioned about page speed and the role it plays in their online experience. The data from the report has returned some interesting statistics that webmasters should sit up and take notice of. Web-savvy individuals may understand (and even sympathize) if your website […]

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usability study

81% Of Users Judge Your Business On Your Outdated Website

Online is more competitive than ever before, and a new study on customer satisfaction has discovered new information backing the importance of updating your website regularly. Blue Fountain Media recently conducted a study with the help of 1,015 US based Internet users aged between 18 and 60. The most valuable information for webmasters to take […]

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