usability study

81% Of Users Judge Your Business On Your Outdated Website

Online is more competitive than ever before, and a new study on customer satisfaction has discovered new information backing the importance of updating your website regularly. Blue Fountain Media recently conducted a study with the help of 1,015 US based Internet users aged between 18 and 60. The most valuable information for webmasters to take […]

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how businesses can use social

Benefits of Using Social Media For Business

Social media has taken off in recent years and has become the main method of communication for both users and businesses alike. For businesses, there are plenty of benefits of using social media platforms beyond keeping up with the latest memes and celebrity gossip. In this article, we are going to discuss the three main […]

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analytics data

Why Do Users Click On Paid Search Ads?

A study has recently been released that delvers deeper into user behaviour in terms of why users click on paid search ads and the main reasons which sway them to click on your ad rather than your competitors. Previous studies based their data on the fact that users could not distinguish between paid ads and […]

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writing great content in 2019

How To Write Great Website Content in 2019

Content remains to be king as we go into 2019, but you may want to reconsider your current writing style if you want your content to get the attention it deserves. For your content to be successful in 2019 it needs to be all about the audience and provide them with information and tips that […]

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seo in 2019

What Will SEO Look Like in 2019?

With 2018 drawing to a close, it’s time to look onwards to 2019 and put an SEO strategy in place so that you are prepared for the new trends and changes in the industry. 2018 has been quite the year for SEO; Google has changed the scene by prioritising mobile and speed as important ranking […]

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how to improve landing page design

How To Improve Your Landing Pages Ahead Of 2019

All elements of your digital marketing strategy rely on landing pages that convert; often the primary reason your SEO, PPC or social media efforts are failing is because your landing pages just aren’t that good. A good landing page provides information, whilst being visually enticing with the goal to lead to conversions at a good […]

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