Google ‘drive’?

Following on from our New Year posts where we have explored the type of developments and changes that might be taking place in the SEO industry during 2016 (see: ) we are now going to expand this a little bit further and look at what Google is up to in the wider world. Indeed it would seem that Google has its ‘fingers in many pies’ and the childhood dream of driver-less cars is one step closer and another of Google’s priorities of work this year.

What are we on about?

Well simply it is what it says on the tin, Google have developed a prototype model than can literally drive itself without any human input. As you might expect, this is currently an American venture only, and it based solely in California. Remember though that every piece of technology and new invention has to start somewhere and has to start small!

This might sound like total sci-fi, yet it has become somewhat of a reality, and legal allowance has been given to permit the use of driver-less cars on some roads in some states in the US. With this clearance given, ‘practice runs’ have begun.

Above: The driver-less car.

California generally has good weather – far better than other parts of America and certainly the UK at the moment you might argue! Therefore in the latest addition and enhancement to this project, Google has begun trialing and adding poor weather features, such as sensors to help with rain and windscreen wipers, or to change the system of the drive to a slower one in bad weather etc. We all know that rain can reduce visibility and this would be exactly the same for the sensors and cameras on the driver-less car. The task for Google is to try and come up with a solution for this otherwise the cars may only operate safely in the desert!

What does this show? As we hit 2016 and steadily march through this century, it shows that what we once thought of as fantasy is actually closer to becoming reality. More importantly for Google this is a further establishment marker in the company and brand. Not only does Google like to think it is the ‘King of Search’, but increasingly we see projects outside of that box which show Google is also interested in establishing itself as a pioneer and company of the future and world.

Who’s on the list for one of these cars then?

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