SEO and 2016

Happy New Year!

We have just dawned the start of a new year and the sun is slowly rising into 2016. With metaphorical (and hopefully actual) longer and brighter days ahead, it is a good time to look towards some of the things which may be big in this industry during the course of the year.


The purpose, nature and quality of your link and backlink profile is always important, and we predict this will further be the case during this year.  Of course the new Penguin Update will be due to come into effect soon, and it’s important that websites ‘clean up their acts’ in terms of link profiles to ensure they do not fall foul of penalties.

Some tips we have to improve your link building strategy include (1) making sure all of your content is of good quality, (2) participate in guest postings but only on quality and worthy sites etc.

* Continued evolvement of the mobile medium.

We all remember ‘mobilegeddon’ and the like from 2015. Further with the news that mobile searching had surpassed desktop searching last year, we predict that this will come more into the spotlight during the current year. The importance of apps and the engagement with users search in relation to this, is likely to be something which will need following as the months go on.

* An ever need for being ‘user friendly.’

This is really a consolidation of both points above and some might argue it is stating the obvious, yet it is probably the point which is most overlooked. Never underestimate the importance of having an easy to navigate site. This is important from both a Google rankings perspective and also your general audience. Check out which pages are visited the most: what is your bounce rate – is it high? Are these factors impacting who visits your website and the quality of the reviews which they provide?

As websites get more and more competitive, the need to stand out becomes more important and this goes to the very heart of this point.

Watch this space, and we will update you on how the year and its developments unfold.

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