Google AdWords Rebrands To Google Ads

On 23rd October 2000, Google AdWords was born. Starting their journey with only 350 advertisers on board, today Google has millions of advertisers that generate billions for Google and the economy.

As of 27th June 2018, things are changing. Google AdWords has now rebranded to Google Ads and consolidated its products to make the platform simple and accessible for webmasters of all skillsets, breaking down any fears small businesses may have of the platform “not being suitable” for them and providing larger more established businesses with forecasting to maximise the reach of their budgets.

Alongside rebranding to Google Ads, changes will be made to make advertising easier for brick and mortar businesses across all platforms including search, display, video and more in order to reach local potential customers. It is a common misconception that paid search advertising is solely for online businesses, however, this is not the case. Brick and mortar stores can benefit from advertising their stores online by intercepting the customer decision process with great ads that showcase the best of your business!

These smaller, potentially more niche businesses, will benefit from a new campaign type being introduced called Smart Campaigns. This new addition to the platforms gives small advertisers a simple way to target users who are ready to make their purchase, go in store or call right now.

We expect to see a lot more changes throughout the rest of 2018 if this rebranding and new user interface are anything to go by!