New Google AdWords UI Coming July 10th!

The time has come to say our final goodbyes to the old Google AdWords interface, if not a little earlier than we were expecting!

It was announced earlier this year in March that the old AdWords interface was going to be phased out by the end of 2018, making the news that the new interface becomes permanent in July quite a shock to the industry.

Google have started to notify some advertisers of the change, with the following notice:

“Starting in July, the new AdWords experience will replace the previous one. You’ll no longer be able to switch between the two in your account or any new accounts you create. This won’t change how your campaigns run – your data and reports will still be available in the new experience.”

So the new interface is replacing the old in July and whether you like it or not, this is what advertisers will be using until the next version is released. The initial reaction to the new interface is fairly mixed, we personally prefer the old version as the new interface doesn’t feel as user friendly.

Some advertisers have received a switch date on July 10th 2018, however, it is going to be a rolling ongoing transition so not everyone will be moved to the new interface this month. It is not clear what order this is being rolled out in, but Google will notify you of your switch-over within AdWords itself so keep your eyes open for the notification!

There’s no doubt about it, by the end of October we will all be on the new interface as Google have already made a statement saying they will not switch over your accounts during peak months i.e. November and December.

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