How to get website traffic to begin conversions

A common issue amongst business owners is getting traffic to take the next step towards conversions. This problem expands across a wide range of businesses and can require taking different approaches, depending on your business services and structure. In this article we will take a look at what it takes for different businesses to acquire more conversions from their website traffic, and the best solutions for conversion improvements.


Why is my website traffic not converting?

There are multiple reasons for traffic not successfully converting. The first thing you should look at is your website pages.


User-focused pages
If you are an e-commerce site, take a look at how you organise and categorise your products on your site. A classic mistake with e-commerce sites is providing too much information about your product on one page, rather than dedicating a particular page for a certain product. Doing this will let a user know if they are in the right place for the right product for them. You need to lay out your pages with user experience in mind, and not just use it as a platform to over promote every product you sell.

When writing about your product, address your customers needs and how this product can help them, rather than boast about how wonderful the product you’re selling is.


Call to action

Call to actions are an essential part of the conversion process. This feature entices your traffic further into wanting to begin conversions. These can be very simple to implement on your site – a simple button or form will suffice.
Call to action requests are best placed above the fold, and with direct but persuasive text to help your users on the conversion process.



Improve your page speed

Page speed is an integral part of user experience. Google holds page speeds as a very strong indicator of a strong website, and the quality of your website will reflect the quality of the products or services you are offering.

This can simply be remedied through compressing image sizes on site for a smoother user experience. Alongside this, through removing any needless plugins, coding or fonts you can drastically improve your site speed, and in turn, improve upon your user conversion rates.



Explore your audience and optimise your pages accordingly

Analysing your traffic’s demographic can go a long way in helping you understand your audience, and what they wish to get out of your website. With this information, you can begin directing and focusing your website’s content towards the most popular demographic visiting your website, which will be beneficial in helping you boost conversions. For instance, if you find that the majority of your viewers are young men, you should focus the way you word your websites content around male pronouns and express your product or services in ways which will appeal more to the male demographic.



These are all simple but very effective methods of helping you boost your conversion rates and utilise your traffic efficiently. If you are in need of assistance with boosting traffic or conversions, get in contact with In Front Digital for a professional service, with great results!

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