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Ecommerce SEO

Why you should invest in eCommerce SEO services

Increase online sales

There is considerable traffic for search terms that relate to your products and categories and so investing in eCommerce SEO is a great way to take advantage of this and increase traffic and sales to your site.

Ranking highly on search engines, means that you are putting your shop on a virtual high-street that shoppers can see when they are browsing. If you were going to sell products in a bricks and mortar store then you wouldn’t set up a shop in an abandoned part of town as you would never get any customers or sales !

UK eCommerce shopping is growing

Ecommerce is an incredibly effective method of reaching your audience and is only set to grow as more people embrace the internet. Shopping online is simpler and far more convenient for consumers. Consider that UK shoppers spend an average of £3,370.00 online each year (According to the 2012 WorldPay eCommerce Basket survey)

Don’t you want your online store to be a part of this?


Reasons to use In Front Digital for eCommerce SEO Services

  • Google Partner - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Free SEO Audit - Get analysis on markets, competitors and find out how to compete

  • Google Analytics Certified - so we can help improve user experience, i.e. increase the current conversion rate for traffic you already have!

  • In-depth KPI reporting so you know what we are doing and what impact your SEO is having

  • Our SEO experts are honest and realistic with what can be achieved. We estimate your likely return before we begin

  • We focus on all the SEO factors, not just links and we do not neglect on page or content development, its crucial for long tail success!

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eCommerce SEO Services - The Process

User Experience & Conversion Analysis

Our Google certified Analytics experts will review your website’s landing pages and overall usability in order to give recommendations to improve your website conversion rate overall.

Shopping Cart Behaviour Analysis

Setup of eCommerce conversion tracking to ensure accurate tracking of online eCommerce sales. Review of the shopping cart process in order to help improve it and reduce the amount of abandoned carts. Thereby improving sales with existing traffic.

Key phrase Research & Analysis

We will carry out in-depth keyword research and analysis based on seed terms, categories and products stocked in your eCommerce store in order to ensure we are selecting the most searched and most realistic to achieve rankings for.

Site Architecture

Analysis and recommendations for improvement to the site architecture and layout as per the project requirements and keywords to be targeted.

Content Development

Review of content on the product and category pages of the site. Suggestions could include videos for products to showcase the product in greater detail or improvements to the text in line with the keyphrases.

Online Reviews

Strategy and process to gaining and improving online reviews of the eCommerce store to help increase trust and conversions within the site

Structured Markup

Rich Snippet recommendations in order to improve and enhance the information displayed in the search results pages. Giving a competitive advantage.

Product Listing Ads/Feeds

Formulation of product feeds where appropriate to help increase the products on other channels, i.e. Google Adwords (Product Listing Ads), Amazon, eBay.

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