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Ranking highly on search engines, means that you are putting your shop on a virtual high-street that shoppers can see when they are browsing. If you were going to sell products in a bricks and mortar store then you wouldn’t set up a shop in an abandoned part of town as you would never get any customers or sales !

UK eCommerce shopping is growing

Ecommerce is an incredibly effective method of reaching your audience and is only set to grow as more people embrace the internet. Shopping online is simpler and far more convenient for consumers. Consider that UK shoppers spend an average of £3,370.00 online each year (According to a WorldPay eCommerce Basket survey). Don’t you want your online store to be a part of this?

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Why Does your Business Need eCommerce SEO?

Boost Online Sales

Considerable online traffic revolves around search terms related to your products and categories. Investing in eCommerce SEO is an effective way to tap into this traffic, driving more visitors and sales to your site.

Get Found

Securing a high-ranking position within the organic search results is akin to placing your shop on a bustling virtual high street. Just as you wouldn't open a physical storefront in an abandoned part of town, your eCommerce site shouldn't languish in obscurity.

Stay Up-To-Date

Online shopping only continues rise in popularity, with more people embracing the convenience of the internet each and every day. In 2022, UK shoppers spent £110.6bn online, reporting a 10.9% increase from the previous year. To maximise your online store's potential, it's crucial to be part of this ever-growing trend.

The Process

Site Architecture

Our experts work to analyse your site's architecture and layout, making recommendations in alignment with your project requirements and target keywords.

Content Development

We will review the content present on your product and category pages, suggesting improvements such as product videos or text enhancements to align with selected keywords.

Online Reviews

We will work with you to devise a strategy for gathering and enhancing online reviews of your eCommerce store. This fosters trust and encourages conversions.

Structured Markup

In Front Digital will provide recommendations for Rich Snippets to enhance the information that your business presents to potential customers within the organic search results, giving you a competitive edge.

User Experience & Conversion Analysis

Our Google Analytics experts evaluate your website’s landing pages and overall usability, offering recommendations to enhance your website’s conversion rate.

Shopping Cart Behaviour Analysis

Our team will implement eCommerce conversion tracking for precise sales tracking. By assessing the shopping cart process, we aim to reduce cart abandonment, improving sales from existing traffic.

Keyword Research & Analysis

In-depth keyword research is conducted based on your eCommerce store’s product range, categories, and seed terms. We select the most searched and realistic keywords for achieving higher rankings.

Why Choose In Front Digital?

  • Free SEO Audit: Gain insights into markets, competitors, and strategies for competition
  • Google Analytics Certified: Our experts adhere to Google’s rigorous best practices, enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates for existing traffic
  • Transparent KPI Reporting: Stay informed on the progress of your campaign and its impact on your SEO
  • Realistic Expectations: Our SEO experts provide honest estimates of achievable results.
  • Comprehensive Approach: In Front Digital focus on all SEO factors, including on-page and content development, critical for long-term success.