WordPress 11.2 update – what you need to know

WordPress – that well known content platform, has just released a recent update to its “Guntenberg” feature, that will help webmasters optimise their site better, as well as providing greater functionality and bug fixes. In our latest blog post, we’ll take a look at some of these changes and how you may be able to benefit from them.

Whilst some have commented that this 11.2 update is a minor rather than major change, there are several notable features embedded within it, and this makes it worthy of a posting to point that out.

One of the main changes in this update is the so called ‘drag and drop’ facility which allows people to make, change and tweak their website or pages. The aim of this is to make it much easier to allow webmasters to perform this job. That is also the ultimate aim of the Gutenberg feature, and so it is fair to say that this latest update takes a further step towards that.

The one advantage of using Gutenberg over another website building plugin, is that the former already has the code built in to the WordPress system, and many commentators have reviewed that this creates a big advantage in functionality because websites are able to run much faster.

The Gutenberg programme uses a system of building blocks, which allows a user to break down their content in terms of paragraphs, headings, sentences and quotes. This makes it much easier for a non-technical aware person, because they do not have to rely on principles of coding and knowledge about what can be quite a complicated subject to understand.

One of the current changes which has been incorporated into this update concerns the search block – (that is a feature which allows visitors to search for something on a website when they visit.) The change allows for more customisation and design to be used with this feature, allowing webmasters to be able to tailor the facility more to their own tastes and needs. This can be by the way of extra colour features for example.

There are also changes to the “pullquote box” – this is something many people may be aware of without actually knowing its name! The pullquote box simply highlights and draws attention to the text that it is targeted at, in order to make it stand out or be more prominent.  Similar to the search block, changes in design, layout and colours associated with this update make this facility easier to use and more accessible to all.

Other enhancements associated with this update

*Performance – load time is quicker in tests compared to previous updates and versions.

* The quality of the coding has been improved.

* Previous problems with the shifting and movement of layout have been addressed and no longer a problem.

Should I update to it?

Some may describe this update as accounting for modest changes only, but there are definitely improvements which make users life easier, so this is as good a reason as any to update. Sound advice would be to back up your website and content before updating to the new version (or if you are about to use the version for the first time.) The last thing you need would be any unforeseen compatibility problems which disrupt your site!

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