Will your Facebook Ad metrics dashboard look a lot different soon?

Many of you will have social media accounts and some will even use these as a method for paid advertising. If this is you, then you will obviously want to keep track of how things are going discovering what does and doesn’t work best for you. The simple way of doing this is to use metrics tools which gather and give you all the information to hand.

If you are aware and use the Facebook form of this, then you may be about to see some changes to the platform after a rethink designed to bring a fresh and updated approach to metrics while making things a lot clearer for users to understand.

The first change considers the introduction of labels to show how a given metric is calculated. This has the effect of making it easier for the owner to drill down and see exactly what is going on. As far as analytic type tools go, many people report that the more information they have the better, so this will certainly be a step forward to please the wider audience.

The eagle eyed may have noticed the inclusion of terms ‘estimated’ or ‘in development’ but there could be some confusion as to what these actually mean. If you are looking specifically for these labels then they are located within the Ads manager reporting table.

Estimated metrics – explains Facebook, are said to be values which a level of guidance or an estimate can be provided because the end result or figure may be difficult to precisely quantify. Often, this type of data results as an estimation based on sampling techniques.  The “reach” metric is an example of this.

In development metrics are perhaps what you would expect. These are ones which are currently being tested. The thing to bear in mind with this is the testing phase may involve different processes so the calculation behind these metrics could change. If you are after reliable statistics then bear this in mind here.

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news from this release is that some metrics will be totally disappearing from July 2018. This is said to apply to 20 metrics which are either outdated or used infrequently by users. At the time of writing it is not known exactly what this will apply to but it is thought that more details will be released closer to the time.

Will users warm to these changes and find benefit from them? Time will tell.

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