Why Has Facebook Removed Thousands Of Ad Targeting Options?

To keep advertising safe and civil, Facebook has announced their plans to remove over 5,000 of their advertising options so that they can prevent prejudiced advertising campaigns. The reason for this change is to minimise any abuse of their current targeting options.

Whilst the options that are soon to be made redundant haven’t been explained fully, they have elaborated by saying an example of the changes would be removing the ability to exclude audiences by traits including race or religion.

This change comes into play after Facebook was criticised earlier this year for allowing landlords advertising properties on Facebook to exclude certain ethnicities and religions from their target audience. Whilst there are many reasonable ways advertisers can use these targeting options, there are also some that will violate the Facebook advertising policies.

To prevent further misuse of their advertising options, Facebook has decided to remove the options altogether in the hope that this should entirely resolve any future issues with discriminatory adverts.

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