“What Your Business Is Known For” Attribute Added To Google My Business Insights

Google recently announced via Twitter that “We’ve launched subjective attributes to provide more information in your insights tab! Customers of restaurants and cafes can submit subjective attributes to help you and their fellow customers.”

So, what are subjective attributes?

“This section of Insights provides customers’ opinions of your restaurant or cafe (e.g. cosy, romantic or notable cocktails).

Since customers’ opinions are based on their experience, the information is subjective. It is considered to be valuable to other customers, as it describes the feel & ambience for a place. Unless proven false, we won’t remove this information.”

This new report has been added into the Insights dashboard within Google My Business to show businesses what their business is known for.

An example of this in action can be seen in the following screenshot captured by Sergey Alakov and shared on Twitter.


Not only will this new addition to Google My Business help you understand what customers think of your business, what needs improvement and what is working well, it will also help customers decide whether or not your establishment is somewhere that they would like to visit.