What to expect from Google’s future updates

We have recently posted about many changes which have taken effect over the last few weeks and months. These have ranged from the introduction of mobile friendly rankings to Pigeon and Hummingbird algorithms. These can be quite confusing (even for experts) so we advise you to look at our helpful explanations to give you more information.

The question has become now that change has happened, what direction is it moving in and what does the future hold? In this article we attempt to predict what may be around the corner.

You might start by wondering what all the fuss is about – thinking that some kind of change is normal in any area of life as practice evolves. The important thing to remember is Google changes affect you and if you can be mindful of this and keep up-to-date, you won’t be left in the dark (or worse negatively penalised.)

The main thing to think about is Google’s ‘mindset’ for how and why it decides to make updates. Updates are designed to give the user a relevant search and provide easy usage. In other words any future updates are likely to be in relation to relevant content and good usability. As you are optimising your website you would be doing yourself a favour if you adhere to and follow this.

It is likely that Google will continue to ‘trial and error’ some of its changes. This allows them to assess whether alterations are likely to work and any potential impacts. It is only then will Google decide to make the change permanent or scrap it completely.

Changes will probably be progressive rather than abrupt. There appears to be a raft of changes which have taken place recently. However, on close inspection, you could conclude that although there was lots of initial hype about the changes (‘mobilegeddon’ is the perfect example,) In reality this hasn’t bore true, and infact the changes haven’t affected as many people in such a serious way as originally thought. Despite what is reported it is likely that Google is aware of this and any future updates will be carefully executed to ensure apocalypse does not happen!

Finally, recognise that looking into the future and adapting to it is the way forward. Technology is going to move onwards, just like it has in the last 10 or 20 years. Google will also move forwards, as will the way people search and engage with it. Keeping up to date with advancements and changes inside the field will serve you the best. Have a keen eye and ear for what is going on and never be afraid to keep up or risk getting left behind!

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