What should your business be focusing on during Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world like nothing that has been seen in our lifetimes, and our response to this global outbreak is something that requires great reflection and planning. In the below article, we will aim to discuss the insights that businesses should be looking at in order to overcome the impact of Covid-19, with the assistance of SEO.


In times of crisis such as this, it is often the marketing budgets that are the first to see cuts within a business’ overall spend; this should, ideally, not be the case. All companies are in need of a great crisis recovery plan that is going to allow them to continue operation during the current coronavirus outbreak; marketing, when executed correctly, should play a large role in this.

Businesses should be adopting a Crisis-Recovery-Growth (CRG) plan if they wish to overcome the impact this pandemic is set to have on companies worldwide. This CRG framework is an omni-channel approach to how we think about our marketing campaigns; different channels are prioritised at different stages during the CRG process.




Key Channels: Content, Local, Website, SEO


During the crisis phase, businesses should look to maintain their website and increase their digital relevance. This is easily achievable through the addition of coronavirus related content to your website and campaigns; adding your newly updated policies, as well as banners and FAQs can be a great way to do this. It should also be ensured that any maps and local listings are updated.




Key Channels: Paid Media, Website, Email, SEO


During the recovery process, ensuring that you listen to your customers is a highly effective way to fine tune your business operations, helping you to determine how to offer your products and services to customers in a way best suited to the current pandemic that we are experiencing. This could involve generating the interest of users with unique offers, a targeted relaunch of your paid media campaigns, or even investing in SEO prioritising schemas. Omni-channel efforts can also be amplified through the use of email.




Key Channels: Paid Media, SEO, Website


During the growth phase, businesses should be looking to improve the scale on which their paid marketing efforts are seen to run, as well as harvest their content marketing efforts.

Through doing this, business should hope to see a steady increase on their return on investment.

During the Crisis and Recovery process, businesses should look to focus upon 5 key tactics:

  • AMP
  • Schemas
  • Local
  • FAQs
  • Offers


To conclude, our businesses are operating throughout unprecedented times, and though it is uncertain what changes we can expect to see from sector to sector and the impact that this may have, companies should look to focus on the key points within their CRG plans to help navigate through these times of uncertainty.

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